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NGK Part # ?

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Can anyone recommend which NGK plug I'll need to change out originals in my '99 Trooper? I've misplaced manual. Is there any reason to go with more expensive NGK 's over the NGK copper tip? Thanks.
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Check here: I'm not sure which NGK's were used for 1999, I'd go with the standard platinums ("super class"). G/luck
Talk about confusion. I called the dealership to ask what plugs they would replace if they did the service and the parts guy said my '99 came with Champions.

So I go and buy Champion Platinums and have my mechanic put them in.

Guess what was in there as OEM.....not Champion, not NGK, but Denso!

Oh well, the Champions are working fine and I saved about $6 per plug.
Here's a huge(3.6Mb!!) cross ref chart I got somewhere...... if you still have a use for such a thing. Better late than never I guess. :) NGK's kick ***....and they are dirt cheap!! :lol:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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