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Newbie purchasing 99' Rodeo LS 4WD, questions!!

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I am totally new to Isuzu products but drove a Rodeo and loved it. It was a 1999 Rodeo LS 4WD V6 at a small local used car lot (very reputable). I read about 3 NHTSA recalls and I will check to see if they were done. What else specifically should I be concerned with on a 1999?

It has 59,300 miles so the factory warranty is about done. What about tranny problems with the 1999's? The asking price is $11,900 and I would put it in the "excellent condition" category. I would like to offer $10,500 or less, am I being unrealistic in this offer?

Thanks in advance.... :)
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Thanks for the feedback. I just got back from sitting down with the dealer and their price is still at $11,900 but with new front brakes, rotors and a Wynn's 5/60 extended warranty included. I am guessing the warranty is worth about $670.00 retail, so I am getting closer to what I wanted to spend. Also it will need tires before winter and I can have them at cost with installation if I do them now. :D
The verbal promise from the dealer is that the included warranty will go to 120k or 5 years. It includes engine, tranny, rear drive or transaxle, ps system, ac, fuel system and the cooling system. I will be curious if the 4WD system is included, I forgot about that.

In reality a warranty is only as good as the company's reputation and Wynn's I am not so sure of. Does anyone have any thoughts on Wynn's? I am going to get a copy of the contract and review tomorrow. Most likely I will buy it if all is well with the warranty.
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