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:D I just bought a 1996 Trooper 4x4 with the 3.2 (obviously). The only mod done to it is a 2" lift kit and larger knobby tires (Hercules erra Trac M/T LT265/75 R16). 8)

Here in lay my problems;

Trooper only gets 14mpg. :cry: I have talked to 2 other people in town who own the exact same vehicle, albeit with no lift kit and normal radials, and they say their vehicle average 18mpg. We are going to change the spark plugs to see if that helps. :?

The rear-end shifts hard (is automatic tranny, 4x4). :(

Spark plugs. I finally located them. I was told that I didn't need to change the coil pack unless it had gone bad. How do you know if it has gone bad?

:twisted: I saved the best for last. The electric window. Heh-heh. The little plastic 3" clip that holds the front window onto the frame broke, it lost a side. I called the only dealership in Eastern Oklahoma, FERGUSON PONTIAC in BROKEN ARROW. (I'm not originally from Oklahoma). They put me ON HOLD FOR 15 MINUTES. So I drove down there, and they told me that I could not purchase just the little plastic part, that I must purchase the whole window glass, and entire electric window unit for $270. :evil: I expelled some reverent verse and left.

Also- Does anyone know how much more hp the 3.6 has over the 3.2? And does the 3.6 switch over easily (wiring harness, move mounts)?

So, if anyone has any info, solutions or sad little story to add to this, please feel free to re: or e-mail me!!!


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How did you calculate your mileage?

Simply dividing miles by gallons will not give you the actual mpg with the larger tires. I think 265/75/16s give you an error on your speedo of ~7%.
Therefore your 14 mpg may be closer to 15 mpg.

That may not be 18mpg, but you have to take into account the fact that with more aggressive tires your rolling resistance will be more, also lowering you mpg from those other "stock" Troopers.

As far as coil-pack go, you will know when they go bad. You will probably get a CEL and your Trooper will run rough.

When it comes to buying parts call St. Charles Auto. They may be able to help you out, especially if that dealer is anything like my local dealer and doesn't have a clue how to look in a parts catalogue.

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Hi Kelley,

Welcome the wild and wonderful world of Isuzu. :lol: I have a '96 Trooper as well, and get slightly worse milage. But, I have a kayak rack, "33 muddies, and an ARB bumper.

Mine also seems to downshift rather harshly. I have been told that this is actually better on the tranny than a longish oozing shift.

Had the same problem with the window, and found out the same bad news. This was after I spent $60 on a regulator arm that was supposed to have said parts with it. When i called the junkyard back to ask about it, I was told that those pieces only came with the window, which was going to be $100. I ended up swapping windows with a friend who was trying to liquidate a truck with a dead motor.

I assume that you are actually talking about the 3.5L motor, as there is no 3.6. I am under the impression that the tranny will bolt up, but that is where the similarities end. If you are after a little more power, the consensus is to get a free flow muffler, like the dynomax SuperFlow, and rig up an open air intake.

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