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1990 2.8 5 speed XS
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Hi everyone, this isn’t my first post, (had to find some fuel pump screw thread pitch) but this is my introduction to my trooper!

As a child, I remember riding around in my mother’s 1989 black LS 2.8 5 speed. It was her favorite vehicle ever. Sadly it rusted out, like so many do in Minnesota.

Fast forward to 2021, and here we are. A few weeks ago, I found a silver 1990 XS with the same 2.8 5 speed as my mother’s, for only $1000! It needed a fuel pump to drive. So, I had a college buddy come with me as we made the hour trip to Wisconsin where it was located. Installed new fuel pump, and she drove home like a champ!

I’ve done some cleaning of the vehicle, read codes, checked fluids etc, and other than some body rust, it seems pretty solid.

I’m very excited to embark on fixing this old trooper up, as I’m used to working on older vehicles, but not imports, so it will be a learning experience.

I have a few questions for 1st Gen trooper owners out there:

Where is a good place/brand to buy hard parts from? I need a fuel sending unit, but rockauto does not list one.

Unfortunately the headlight switch rod broke off. On the older GM and ford vehicles, the rod comes out of the assembly, am I going to need a replacement rod, or a whole headlight switch?

I pulled codes 13, 44, and 54 from the ECM. Is it safe to say I’m probably looking at an O2 sensor replacement? Not 100% on code 54’s meaning.

lastly, mods! Anyone have pictures of a trooper with a carr light mount/bar on their trooper? I’d like to add 4 bosch Profi lights that I have hanging around on the top of the trooper.

Does anyone have a Warn 19730 or 21824 lying around? This was the Warn combo kit grille guard/winch mount that they made for every small truck (using different brackets for different trucks) I attached a picture of one below.

Thanks for reading! Here is the trooper upon just purchasing it
Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Bone stock 1989 Trooper S 2.8.
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Nice ride! Is the interior in pretty good shape?

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Looks decent, especially for a Grand. Definitely a good base for a project. Is that just a bit of surface rust on the driver's fender flare? If so, that can be easily fixed. Long as you don't have any more rot in the body structure or the frame. Otherwise it looks pretty clean.

The headlight switch is available from Rock Auto, $43.79 plus shipping:

The knob screws on, so hopefully the shaft didn't bust flush with the knob. I suppose you could drill it out and tap it. Or find a new knob at the local wrecking yard.

Far as the fuel sender goes, you might check with our resident ZuZu Guru, Jerry Lemond. He has access to Isuzu NOS parts. His username on the forum is JLEMOND or contact him at [email protected]

Found a new sensor complete with gasket for $119.95 shipped on eBay, check it out:

Here's a complete list of Isuzu trouble codes:

Code 13, O2 sensor circuit, could be a bad sensor or other wiring issues.

Code 44, lean signal from the O2 sensor, could be from the failing fuel pump, could be a partially-clogged injector, could be the O2 sensor itself. You can check injector spray by hooking up a timing light and shining it on the spray. Pattern should be even and conical, no "dribbles" or missing sections of spray. If you find you have a clogged injector, there are many shops online that clean/refurbish them for a nominal fee.

Code 54, fuel pump voltage low, most likely related to the failed pump.

Single-wire GM-style O2 sensors are cheap, Rockauto has a good selection of them. The Bosch brand is a good one. If you're ordering other parts, usually you'll come out better with the Rockauto shipping. Sometimes eBay or Amazon wins out, just hit-or-miss on that. Sometimes you find a real Gem at one of the sites or others.

BTW, change the fuel filter if you haven't already. It's a common issue, especially since our rigs are 30+ years old and have achieved their final, Classic form!

Hope that helps, G'luck in your accessories search, too..............ed
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