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Need your help check engine light and stalling 99 amego

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Hey Guys

my Girl has a 1999 Amego 6 cyl with 68K miles and last week the dreaded check engine light came on.. the ideal will not hold steady when she's cold (ie it jumps a bit ) and now when she tries to place the truck in gear (automatic) the truck stalls -

I plan to ask the folks at Autozone to trobleshoot the problem with their OBD

any ideas what could be causeing this?

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Bass- make sure you have either NGK or denso spark plugs in there. Like 2eye says, could be the EGR valve is stuck open, dumping too much exhaust into the intake at idle. Could also be a bad intake manifold gasket as well- this is VERY common with 1998+ 3.2/3.5's.
Bass, the EGR valve is at the rear left-hand corner of the intake manifold. It's cylindrical shaped can (soleniod valve) about 1.5" in diameter & 2-3" long. You unplug it, unbolt it & pull it up & out of it's mount that's cast into the intake manifold. You'll see a 3/8" stainless steel tube that runs from the left hand exhaust manifold to the EGR base. Thats the feed tube. The EGR port inside the intake is several inches insite the intake, behind the throttle plate.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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