Note: This is my secondary account because I'm at work and can't remember my primary accounts password. My primary Planet username is NattyByNature.

This is a dual-purpose feeler inquiry/request:

Posting to see if anyone is willing to transport an 89' Troper down to the Berkley side of Oakland CA. The vehicle is near Seattle WA. My original intent was to just ship the trooper cross country to Maine, however there were no shippers willing to bid on the request due to the diesel problem.

SO, plan B is to ship it to another planet members house who also happens to be my old college roomie, get it fixed in cali (the 2.6L head is cracked and will need to be replaced, this should be fairly easy because the PO disassembled the top end thinking the issue was the gasket and not the head itself. This motor just needs a new head and reassembly), then drive it home to Maine.

1). Is there anyone with a trailer who would like to make a fist full of cash driving from seattle-ish to berkley-ish? If so pm me a quote.

2). Is there in anyone near Berkley who wants to make some cash reassembling a 2.6L top end with a new head? pm me a quote.