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Need SOTF mechanical help!!

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posted for a friend...

i got brave/stupid today. i was tinkering with the sotf mechanism on my '97 trooper today because i've been having trouble getting out of 4wd. i checked all of the vacuum lines and they looked okay--everything still attached, nothing looking crimped. then i decided hey, i'll take the soft mechanism apart. as i was taking the last bolt off, i was thinking, "i wonder if fluid will..." as the .12l of fluid came dripping out.

question 1: is this the same fluid that goes into the differential?

question 2: how do you fill it up?

question 3: what is the torque spec on the 4 bolts on the soft actuator?

question 4: i had to drive about two miles under 30mph to get home and i have to drive another approximately 3-4 miles to get to the shop, if i can't fill it myself. do you think i did much if any damage?

question 5: why the heck is this disconnect even here if differential is open anyway?
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