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I’m trying to finish an engine rebuild for my 86T. I still drive my Trooper every day so my plan is to have another all ready to drop in.
I rebuilt a transmission for it a couple of winters ago and ill be putting it in at the same time.
here are the parts i’m looking to buy or trade for. All these parts are for my 86 T which is 4WD, 5 speed.
1) Oil pan (2 pieces)
2) associated oil pick up tube
3) fly wheel
4) lower timing belt cover (plastic)
5) upper timing belt cover (Plastic)
6) timing belt tensioner mounting “post”
7) timing belt tensioner tension “spring”
8) new or rebuilt Isuzu flywheel.
9) crankshaft pulley (s) (truck has A/C, Power steering )
10) exhaust manifold, this is a California emissions truck but a Federal exhaust manifold is fine, ill just modify it to make it a Cal emissions manifold.
11) manual fuel pump push rod
12) camshaft timing Belt pulley
13) upper timing belt cover and baking plate.
Did i forget something
I have Some spare parts for a 87T (mostly the fuel side stuff like fuel injectors, air flow sensors, throttle body , intake manifold etc.
For my model of 86 Trooper
I have a lot of high quality spare parts. I have all the Carb ( X10) parts including the very hard and expensive to buy parts (no new gaskets) ,Power steering boxes,
electromechanical parts? Etc.
Any part leaving my shop leaves, clean, tested and unless asked not to, painted except for body parts like door panels.
I always have rebuilt back plane boards for the instrument cluster and the loose components.
Im Happy to pay for the parts i need but also willing to trade. No filthy dirty parts please.
You help finding these parts would really help. No i dont want order these parts from Isuzu motors.
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