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Hello. I just have a quick question regarding finding a good rebuild kit for 1.9L (G200Z) motor. Application is a 1987 P'up. I've seen many kits for sale and I'm leaning towards the Topline kit that Import Performance Parts sells. Does anyone have any comments on IPP, the Topline Kit, or perhaps a different resource? Is there someone selling the same kit for a cheaper price??? Anyone with a spare kit or GOOD motor lying around? Any help and/or suggestions are appreciated.

This is a great site and well organized. Hats off to the guys who put it together. I'm a professional tech in Washington State. I've been into IH Trucks for years (I own 3 early Scouts) and I'm getting more and more interested in the Isuzu Truck line, buying my first one last year. I love the simplicity and construction of Isuzu Trucks and at 192K miles my 87 Pup is just great, except for the tired motor. Still, it was only $850 bucks and it has NEVER let me down, a claim I can't make for my beloved Scouts. My next truck will be a 1st gen Trooper, and if anyone has a line on a cheap project please let me know. Thanks again everyone, Kevin.
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