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Need front wheel packing instructions for '01 Trooper

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The factory shop manual is woefully short on this topic.

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Article is for 2000 Amigo, but says proceedure is similar for all Isuza 4WD. I'll be trying this on my 98 Trooper in a couple of weeks.
I've seen this link but haven't looked at it closely. I've got about 5k before I need to do my bearings so I'll be looking forward to your update on how to do it. : )

I have the shop manual too and I agree - disappointed with this section of the manual.
Dave did an excellent job on that article. Unless you have one of the really new Amigos (and possibly Rodeos) without repackable bearings, this procedure will work for you. The way you can tell if your bearings aren't repackable, is if there is nothing to unbolt, uncover, or do anything to once you take the wheel off. The lifetime bearings are built into the spindle, and are just in a molded metal piece - with no bolts.

Followed the instructions in the article and it went very well. The only thing that was different from the article was there were 2 thin washers behind the snap ring. Make sure you look for these or they may get lost. Also, when you remove the screws from the retaining rings, do exactly as the article says - tap a screwdriver into the screws to get a good seat then apply constant pressure while turning the screw. I tried removing the screws without seating the screwdriver with a hammer first and it started stripping the screw.

Also - NAPA doesn't carry the axle nut tool anymore. They list it as an obsolete tool (???). I modified the Ford axle nut tool per the article and it worked just fine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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