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I'd wait.

When I see a laundry list of "new" things like that, my first thought is to wonder what is wrong with it NOW, that is bad enough that they want to sell it ?

Someone goes through replacing all kinds of parts... Then something happens like the trans starts to slip, or the calipers and rotors and brake lines all have to be replaced, etc... And that turns into the straw that breaks the camel's back. They just want to get rid of it now.

Since they aren't likely to actually tell you the extent of what you are going to have to do to it once it's yours, you have to assume that it is more than just changing the oil, or putting new tires on.

One other thing that seems unique to someone selling a car, personally...

Look down through that laundry list of 'new' stuff, and odds are, part to most of those items have been on there for several years now. But in the mind of the owner, they 'feel' like, "Well I JUST replaced that !"
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