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Need advice on how to create a howto post. LED lights and electric radiator fan.

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Please guide me on how to create 2 howto posts
Please see pics.
One is for electric fan. It’s a flexalite 14 inch flexwave model. Controller is a maradyne unit.
Due to chip shortages the variable speed flexalite one was on backorder at least 3 months!

The other is LED headlights. Used JW speaker 8900 model. Amazing results, absolutely blows away any halogen models. As you can see I did a totally new wiring connection.

The fan also includes new radiator! Very good results. Engine has more power, I’m getting about 38km per gallon. I’m in Colombia, no mpg here. All metric. Basically the fuel mileage is as good or better than a new pickup! Most of the time I drive alone or just one passenger.
My engine is the 2.3 liter, carburetor.
Mostly stock.


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38km per gallon converts to 23.5 mpg, which is great!
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I'm going to look up IPF for my Grand Caravan. The factory lights fog so bad I can see my own shadow from the headlights of people behind me. It's terrible.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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