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Stopped in one of our local tire shops (One Stepp Muffler & Brake) and noticed a large " NATIONAL TIRE" sign on his wall. So I asked about them. He priced a set of 265/75/15 Commando All Terrains for $646.76 tax & all out the door.
This price INCLUDED lifetime rotate & ballance, lifetime free flat repair, and a pro-rated roadhazard warranty.
I have seen a whole heap of these around here but never gave them any thought. One of his customers works next door to him and he encouraged me to go talk to the guy, so I did just that. His are on a Nissan Pathfinder. Said he has had them for just over a year, and they are great. Was kinda blunt. I asked him about how they did in snow & he said it had not snowed since he bought them, but when all the sleet came down a few weeks ago he was highly pleased and did not see how snow could cause any problems. Who knows. He has not and does not "get into mud".
Not at all a bad looking tire.
Oh, and he also said they took almost no weight to ballance (I could see that no wheel had more than 1.5oz of weight on it) and were very smooth riding.
FYI: the 265/75/15 is 30.7 OD X 8" tread witdth X 10.5" section width, 14/32" tread depth and weighs 37 Lbs.

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