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its a get to gether i started on the board
i though mabe a few people would make it but its looking to be as many as 20/30 people and 12+/- or so 1 GEN diesel pups, LUVs, troopers, EVEN THE ODD S-10 DIESEL and a 88/95 Isuzu converted to diesel power. :shock:

ive arranged for use of the hall. on the 26, 27, 28 for those coming from a long ways to sleep on site in tents. the nigh before and after if they wish.

it all started when i was voted in as local grange master, and im like hmm how can i make the grange a buck or two and have fun doing it HMMM..........i got it have a isuzu meet at the hall :p

so far every thing thats planned is.....AND CAN REMEMBER :oops:
we have a member coming with a injection pump and exsplaning how the fuel goes thru it, and what are ways of trouble shooting one.

a power point pesentashon on how the very strange C223 glow system how it works, and how to trouble shot it.

ill have a number of early MSG tranys there and help people under stand how to adentafy a 4 bolt from a 6 bolt 4sp, what parts can be/and can't be changed from trans to trans. and how they work.

a general swap meet for trading and seling parts, ill have some 88 up manual hubs, after market bumpers for a late GEN1, as well as a 1981 4WD S\B pup with little rust but no engine trans.
sale of that auto is to help me get to the meet next year in TN state.

a member thats donating some elk meat for the lunch or dinner :D :D
there's two ovens/range tops and fridge space for any hot or cold food any one wants to bring

looking at that list now, we may spill over in to SUNDAY getting things done 8) but thats not a bad thing 8)

as far as an off road adventurer hmm its mostly privet land in the area, and is fire season. but there is a logging road or two that is technically a county road :wink: :wink: even has a road name looking at it on Google LOL

this is the common way for modern autos to get there from P town....granted, there are ""many other ways"" to get there :lol:,-122.862854&spn=0.957245,1.098633&z=9

if you can make it, your all welcome to come.


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I go hunting just SW of you! 8-26/27/28 you say... I MIGHT be able to pop in. I'd likely take hwy 30 &or some logging roads rather then the boring old freeway.

Looking forward to more details.


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yes theres tons of ways to get there. many i did'ent post
the seccont post on the pup board i posted like 5 different ways of getting there.
alt route no2 is under construction and is closed TO ALL TRAFFIC on the Scappoose\ Vernonia highway for bridge repair. i will look in to when that road will open i don't know right now. thats one of my least favret ways of getting to portland....

if you know the area, it is possible to go the hole way with out using US-26 30 or I-5 but it adds over 1.5 hours to the drive :p

if you have pore tires or no way of changing a flat, PLEASE DO NOT GO THIS WAY :!: :!:
some of these roads are WELL KNOWN for giving flats,0.193977&output=embed&hl=en&gl=us
not all roads out there are open some you see are privet and or timber comp roads not open to the public

the idea was to have the 26 and 28 as sleep over for the people coming long range IE middle\lower CA, or east WA
but as much as we have to do it may spill over in to SUN the 28

we will have a enuf brain power there for just about any 1987 and older question any one could muster up
dare i say = to jerry :shock: , but like 12 people to = his one brain :lol:

im hoping the person that put a I-mark 1.8L diesel in a 88\95 truck will make it.
and the one that has the 88\95 with the pup 2.2L as well, though he may have sold his...
as well as the extra cab 1985 S-10 with an ORIGINAL ISUZU DIESEL :shock:
then theres are s-10 ORIGINAL diesel,
mabe the 86 4wd L\B may need to trailer that one down...2.3L head is toast... :(
a pup thats in mint shape, its sweet looking..""hes coming up from CA state"".
possably a 86 space cab diesel or two.
and a few random diesel troopers :lol: nothing that rare :lol:

i think a GEN-1 RS would complete the deal, un-less some one diggs up a 2WD auto trans pup 81\87 years.

i think we will even have one or two pup\LUVs that have the 1.8 or 1.9 gas engine that's the same 1.9L the trooper got in 84\85
i plan on limping my rust bucket 1.9L pup down the road to the meet, mabe i can sell parts off it :lol:
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