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I am losing oil at rate of 3 quarts every 2 weeks. Idrove about 500 miles. When I purchased the car my mechanic said both engine valve cover gaskets needed to be replaced. They replace the driver side. Then they clean the engine had me drive the car around and determine it was the oil pan gasket was leaking that was fixed.

Now 2 weeks later I'm out of oil again.

The mechanic said if you had a bad valve cover gasket it would burn oil and you wouldn't see it leaking much, is this true.

Update: I took it to the people that fixed the oil pan gasket. They looked at the engine and the underside no oil. We are baffled as to where the oil could be going. The tail pipe color is an off white. One guy said that it did not look the right color.

Any help or guesses would be helpful. I am bringing it in Monday Sept 29.

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