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My daily driver is a painfully slow 5 speed chevy cobalt that its only saving grace is how cheap it is to fill up with gas and how far it goes on one tank.

Here it is as I got it.

Then some cheap rims to add a little flare! and my awesome phone camera makes my car look orange.

Then black ice destroyed my lower control arm and my cheap rims

New control arm and new Momo GT2 rims for free! but still donkin

Time to add some low, I think there is a lot of win in this picture, at least to me.

This is the best picture of my new ride height that I have, ignore the mock up of the side exit exhaust I abandoned that idea

My other car, Which I am in the process of desperately trying to get running is a 1990 S13. I started this project with very little knowledge of cars with the intent of learning everything I could about building a car, and admittedly I have learned a ton. When I wanted to do a SR20DET swap like everyone else was doing 3 years ago I researched the hell out of it mostly on S13 motors and S14 motors. The night before I was going to order a S13 Redtop from G dimensions I found a S15 sr20det in North Carolina close to home. It turned over and made compression between 156 to 160 in all 4 cylinders so I snatched it up for 3k which was about what a Redtop would have been with shipping. I figured 6 speed, bigger turbo and bigger injectors why not right? worst decision ever I didn't research it enough and I have hit about every roadblock imaginable installing this motor. I could sell it on craigslist and get a redtop and then just drop it right in but I'm too hardheaded for that and I'm gonna put that motor in it and its gonna be great one day and I won't give up on it. So far the motor and transmission is in the car and its sitting pretty, I sent the wiring harness off to get mated to my S13 harness so I have that. I also have nismo motor and tranny mounts, Mishmoto radiator, and an intercooler and piping I bought from a friend with a DSM, thats going to be fun to get to fit in there. I also have a J30 LSD in the

This project is moving along, slowly but surely. One day I will drift this car and I hope its sooner than later.
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