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Hello! I have a 2002 Isuzu Trooper S, and I just want to talk about my build progress. I bought it last year on September 22, barley even knowing what this thing was. When I first bought the trooper there was no working 4wd and no radio. There was an abs light and a couple check engine codes. And it was completely stock. But it was cheap and the body was in great condition. At the time I really knew nothing about cars, and I really had no intention of doing anything to it. This is my first car and after a bit I loved the feeling of taking care of something I love and I started slowly fixing/figuring out how everything works. I fixed the 4wd, cleared the check engine codes and was feeling great. And then a buddy of mine Introduced me to off roading, and this is where it all began.
I slowly but surely started to get more things. I got a roof rack, and then some new rancho shocks, and then a lift, then some new tires, then a bumper, and a Jerry can. I got new rotors and changed out very fluid, fixed a broken CV and starter then replaced the ABS pump. It had turned out to be so fun for me to work on my car(even though very frustrating most the time) I was almost obssed with making it perfect. I truly am proud of what I have accomplished with my car I truly am shocked with how amazing these troopers are and I love how unique they are. Sure getting parts, and not having a lot of support behind them can be hard, but thanks to everyone on this forum(especially Buster28 ;) ) I have been able to fix some things I never thought I would be able to do. Here are a couple pictures of the trooper and I know there will be plenty more mods to

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