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motor swap questions...

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Alrighty heres the deal, my 90 trooper has a 2.6L thats needing a rebuild. But just recently i got the oportunity to take a GM 2.8L V-6 for free. Now i have 2 questions, first will the 2.8L bolt up to my MUA5? And second does anyone know how i can do this swap and still be 100% legal? This truck will probly be my daily driver so it needs to be legal. And im also thinking of doing some towing whith it which is why i think the few extra ponies out of the v-6 would be nice. Thanks guys.
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To be quite honest, it's a waste of time to swap in a 2.8 from a 4-cyl. You won't gain anything from a stock 2.6 to a stock 2.8. And, you'll have to completely rewire your EFI system, change/weld motor mounts, change out your tranny (integral bellhousings and different patterns from 4 to 6), amongst numerous other differences.

If you were to go to that level of effort, you'd be better served by bolting in a 3.4 instead of a 2.8. 180+ HP is a definite improvement over either the stock 4 or 6.

Better yet, find a good 2.8 Trooper with dead motor and swap away, saving yourselft a ton of R&D and big-time headaches.

If you're steadfast on a swap, best bet is to find a dead, wrecked, or rusty V6 donor Trooper, Rodeo or P'up. All came with a GM V6 at one point. Then you'd have all the pieces you need to do the swap. You can wring about 140 or so HP out of the 2.8, check out this writeup at the Outdoor Wire:

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