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Moonroof Shade?

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Was there ever a shade for the '89 Amigo moonroof?
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The 89-94 amigos came with a sunroof cover, so did the 91-95 rodeos. Both vehicles used the same cover.

Can you describe it to me?

Does it go in- or out-side of the glass?


they were on the inside so it covered the glass to keep it cooler or when unfavorable conditions existed outside.

They were fabric, and you just puleed them a cross and it blocked the sunroof light.

in this photo, you can see the handle for it to be pulled across right below the light pole visible through the glass. This one was for a 99 Rodeo with Power sunroof, but the 95 Rodeo I pulled some parts off of with the flip up similar to amigo's had it as well.

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The first gen amigos and rodeos had a plastic cover that locked in place.

scott said:
The first gen amigos and rodeos had a plastic cover that locked in place.

interesting. the 95.5 I took some parts out of had a fabric one.
Looks like the 95.5 and up have a different sunroof. Below 95.5 the sunroofs screwed open and closed and came with the plastic covers.

Yeah - I looked at that and wondered where the
handle and the device for opening the moonroof went?

I actually can open or close my moonroof for ventilation, and I don't see any way to add- or any way that it HAD- a shade there at all.
There should be some plastic clip looking things on the glass. The plastic cover slides into the front ones and is held in place in the rear by twist locks.

I'll try to get some pixs in the AM - but I've never seen any clips or any other hardware on the glass.

Just two hinge pins and the mechanism for jacking the window up and locking it in place - that's all.
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