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Moog sway bar end link design differences?

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I ordered some sway bar end links to prepare for some upcoming suspension work on a 2002 Trooper and decided on the beefier looking ones with included Zerk fittings.

Part numbers:
Moog K90702 (Right Front Side)
Moog K90703 (Left Front Side)

Both end links looked more substantial over the possible originals, so that was good.
I understand the passenger vs driver’s side have different part numbers, but it seems the Moog’s sent are also different from each other in their boot/seal design also.

The one that came sealed in its plastic bag (Moog K90703) appears fine design wise, but the other end link part Moog K90702 (Right Front Side) that came in an older looking box has a different design style with poorly fitted rubber boot joint covers along with some random gaps.
I would imagine water with dirt and other grime could build up fairly quickly since this particular unit or design seems not very sealed from the elements due to gaps present.

Is this design boot difference how they normally are since one is meant to be for passenger vs drivers side or is the misshaped one just their (Moog’s) older “problem solver” design and possibly “New Old Stock” for that one?
I would think at least the rubber boot would fold over better to make a suitable seal and shouldn’t be distorted so much.
So, not sure if the boot cover design should actually match between the newer versions or not either, since all the online vendor photos seem to use generic representations and only show ones that exhibit fully matching design styles online.

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Moog is super inconsistent. They also sell two versions of the f150 tie rod ends, one of which will cause failure when installed in troopers for the heavy duty tie rod upgrade.
Hmm. Interesting to know that about the tie-rod upgrade mod. Do they use different part numbers so one can actually discern which one to order, or do they just use one part number and by the “luck of the draw” you may or may not get the parts that will cause failure?

I have used Moog parts occasionally on other vehicles as well, but have received more favorable parts in the past. Not so much of a choice was made based on any preference, but choices made partially due to availability when trying to selectively pick and decide which parts to use whether they may be from Moog or from another brand and manufacturer. It seems in the past few years as global manufacturing production locations change so often, the constancy in general quality has shifted as well.
Last week I had to “customize” a new “direct replacement” non-oem part by grinding to the proper specifications from another manufacturer also because they had used the wrong size portions in the design and the OEM part was currently unavailable from any other sources, including dealerships. So quality control seems to be an issue with other parts and component manufacturers across the board.

So I guess my options could be to…
1. Order same part # but from a different supplier and maybe get a better sealed one or if lucky they would possibly even happen to send a newer design style one if available that could match the design of the other end link.
2. Figure out a way to affix the distorted boots on with a generic circle spring retaining clip… or after doing some measurements, order a new replacement dust boot cover kit with included spring clips that would maybe fit the end links better.
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