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After about 11 months of owning, I figure it's time to put everything in one place.

I've got a 01 rodeo sport ironman edition v6 4x4 5 speed manual with about 143k on the clock. When I bought it the passenger fender was dented bad and in need of replacement (po said he slid into a guardrail in the ice), fuel gauge did not work (fuel level sending unit in fuel pump), egr valve was dead and egr tube needed cleaning, needed new cv axles, and new tires. And I didn't know how to drive a manual, so that was a fun 100 miles home! It was bone stock outside of an aftermarket stereo.

I bought it to be my daily/hunting rig/wheeler/cool bada*s looking convertible. I fixed all the issues it had within a couple of months, and started adding fun things of my own. I replaced the old, bald all-season tires with 245/75r16 Mastercraft mt's, had to replace the starter after it began to fail me, aisin hubs, custom backyard rear bumper my buddy made for me, abused front bumper we modified to fit (got it for $80 off craigslist), just put in a big ol 10-inch sub, drilled a roof rack into the roof, ripped out the carpet, new shifter knobs, and a few things I'm definitely forgetting. Oh, and a chromed toilet for a hood ornament :)

I'm going to school and working so I don't have a lot of time (or money) to improve upon the amigo, but I do have big plans. On my list of future things I have completing my soft top (I have the frame, a junkyard soft top, and the tailgate bar. Just missing the plastic f*ckers that go on the back corner next to the tailgate), new shocks, new front seats (leather and hold me in better in the car, I slide around in these stock ones), a winch for the front, some 235/85r16 tires on 16-inch snowflakes, a small lift with some 913 springs and torsion bar crank (and front fender trimming), and rock sliders perhaps.
Now, if everything goes smooth within my life and I've got money to burn later in life, my end goal would be SASing with a waggoner or j truck dana 44, locking both ends and setting it on 35s. Plus an exo cage, new gears, etc. and just make it a somewhat streetable wheeler.

I'm very satisfied with the purchase so far, I don't really have any complaints about this vehicle aside from burning almost a quart of oil every 1200 miles. It was worse, but I ran some seafoam through it before my last oil change and that seemed to help significantly. Very capable and very fun to drive. Any questions, advice to give, or just wanna make fun of the uneven front bumper feel free to leave a comment. I'll be adding most of the mods I do on this thread from now on馃馃
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Looks amazing! We've got one we are picking up soon to play around with as well. What did you do with your wheel arch trim cover pieces?
They were damaged, so I took them off and tossed them.

Have you had it in the snow yet? The G80 rear is prone to snap over steer with such a short wheel base. Even in the rain I could get mine to kick out on me.
Had it in snow and ice quite a bit, loses the rear end easy in 2wd. The tires don鈥檛 help much, they aren鈥檛 good in snow and ice. I had some Kumho at51 on my last rig and they were excellent, I鈥檒l probably go back to those for my next set of tires. But I love playing round in the snow, I live in Corvallis, Oregon and I鈥檓 right next to the highest peak on the coast range, I鈥檒l screw around up there all winter馃
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