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Max Tire Size for 96 Isuzu Trooper

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what is the max size tire i can fit under my fender wells of my 96 SLX? right now i am running 265-75-R 16's.. they are nice but i like bigger tires...i dont have enough money for a lift because i am still in HS, so i need info for a stock trooper.......
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That is probably about the tallest you can go with no lift. I am running 285/75r16s, with about an inch of lift. They don't rub, but they come mighty close on full compression. I think OME coils can be had for under $150. A set of those, and a couple of turns on the T-bars, and you can definately squeeze "33s under there.

Hey Adam, So the 285's fit with only 1" of lift? I'm considering the same mod, but I'm worried about cranking up the torsion bars. I've heard that you lose some suspension travel and that it wears on the front end. Have you experienced any problems like that?
Yeah, you do loose a little travel. But with the few times i have played on the rocks, it has not been an issue. flipping the upper balljoint to the underside of the A-Arm gives you some of the travel back, and makes it easier to get the alignment right. As far as wear on the ball joints, I haven'tt seen it to be a problem yet. I don't think it puts any more strain on them. they are still riding within their range of movement, they just ride at a different angle.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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