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Manual 92 Trooper Pick n Pull Find

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Haven’t been around here long but I’ve learned that these are desirable and sometimes hard to find… 92 LS trooper with a five speed at the Pick n Pull in Rancho Cordova, CA.

It also has decent leather seats, good door panels and good glass… Body panels seem straight.
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The LS trim with a 5 speed is an ultra rare combo for sure. 5-speed trucks themselves (90% base models) are hard enough to find.
I hate to see it go to waste. All the linkage is there. If I thought my auto was close to the end, I’d grab it for later.
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I took a few more pics - didn’t know if I should post them here or just say to PM me if you think they could help you.
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You'll need a lot more that just the tranny. Drive shafts, probably exhaust cross over pieces. The auto tranny is longer than a manual. Dennis
If I was in California I'd strip the MUA5 stuff off the whole thing and shove it in another 99.
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