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major loss of power..

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i have a '88 trooper with a 2.6L 4 cyl. eng. and within the last few months i have noticed a major loss of power :cry: especially when going up hills. on flat land it is not as noticeable but is evident. i have done a complete tune-up (plugs, wires, cap, fuel filter, etc.) and i have had to advance the timing quite a bit and i have to run it with the a\c fan on (for higher idle) to get it to idle halfway decent until it is warmed up then it idles smoother. i really love my truck and want to keep her, so any help in my fight to get her running good again would be greatly appreciated. :lol: so if anyone has any helpful advice or similar problem experiences with hints it would be so great.
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You might also want to adjust the valves and do a compression test to rule out problems in that area.

Steadily decreasing valve clearances due to valve recession/wear/non-adjustment could be the cause of a gradual decline in performance.

Typically the end results are burnt valves and loss of compression. :cry:
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