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Looking for company's that sell low mileage Isuzu engines

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I have a previous list from someone using this site, but a great many of the companies on the list no longer exist or don't carry these types of motors. I have a recently obtained 95 Trooper Limited and I am going to swap the motor for one with lower miles. I just got rid of my late model Chevy HD for this little green gem and I want to make it reliable with a few mods to make it capable as well. First time Isuzu owner First time poster new member, glad to be here.
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I got my 2nd motor from

The motor was thoroughly cleaned and tested, and fired right up no problems.

Great service and cheap prices. Call and ask for Mike.
ebgbz - I tried the first two websites and one doesn't carry anything Isuzu and the other doesn't carry the 3.2L SOHC.

black98rodeo - is not a functioning website. Maybe the addy is missing something? By the way the rodeo is sweet.

The transmission has been completed and I have it back in my garage. Searching for a newer low mileage motor and looking for some input on a suspension package. I'm thinking I am going to go with one to the suspensions on Independent4x website. Just want mild lift and bolt ons. Any thoughts?

I looked at a couple of build threads, Neo/Recon? and someone who built a real nice 95. I don't want to run 35's but 31's would be nice.

BTW what is the etiquette for how long posts can be?
i did they told me it was from a wrecked trooper that had 40,000 mi on it and it would take a week. took a month and the motor they sent me had been over heated, the head was bad,and water had got into 1 cyl. and sence i took the head off because it was bad that voided the warrenty.
1,800 bucks down the drain.
Green Faded Isuzu said:
BTW what is the etiquette for how long posts can be?
none. post as long as you want but at least be a bit organized if you so choose. It is pretty laid back around here. you could write a book, we don't care! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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