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Lookin to buy a few parts for a 94 amigo 2.6L

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I am looking for a new/used head 4ze1
i also need a new caliper for the rear driver side
I am looking for a hood with a scoop(id like to have a red one, but it doesnt matter really)
I need a new grill(again, id prefer red, but i dont care)
I need the cover for the back door handle
and lastly, I am looking for a hard top and hardware

I have two soft tops, both in decent shape, but the back windows are shot.
just let me know what you have. thanks in advance. :D
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I have an extra rear handle cover
15.00 plus whatever flat rate box I can fit it in.
for the grille.... ... ccessories

its new and i cant even come close to selling you a USED one and shipping it for that price.....its argent (grey) but came that way on some of the base model trucks. 93-95 pickup grilles fit directly also. Rodeos dont without changing the headlights over and sometimes a couple of holes need to be drilled as Amigos were Japanese built (JAC VINs) and Rodeos were US built (had slightly different rad supports). some US PICKUPS had Rodeo rad supports, but no Amigos did...its confusing but 93-95 pickup grilles fit 93-94 Amigos basically.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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