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O2 sensors of today can go way past 100Kmi + our nice & complicated OBDII system will clue us in if it detects any issues with any one of the four O2 sensors on 1996+ zu's
OBDII may tell you about a complete failure, however sensors can get weak but not enough to trip the computer. A weak sensor will cause the engine to run rich and your mpg will drop. I always replace them if I see the mpg going down over time. I replaced the ones in my rodeo around 100k miles and picked up 1 or 2 mpg.

I liked where the switch was on my mighty max. Just pop a cover off the dash that looks like its covering a hole for an accessory switch and it was right there. Can do it while driving.

Dont think my '99 has an o2 light. Nothing happened when I hit 90k miles.
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