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LightForce Lights quick review

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I just installed a setup of LightForce 140 Lights on my ECB Bull Bar. They are some really good lights. I'm suprised how much light they put out for only 75 watt lights! You can order 55watt bulbs for those who want to run without light covers. I purchased Black light covers as well. They also offer higher wattage bulbs as well. They also have a 170(6.6") and 240(9") version which put-out alot more light than the 140. You can change the lens covers with different colors and dispersion of light if you want say a wide angle light or a pencil beam of light. They even offer a infrared cover so it looks off when on but if you had some night vision goggles...... Interesting option.... :twisted:

One cool feature is that it comes with breather hoses and a filter similar to breather lines on the tranny. It appears this allows the lights to be more water tight. Cool Feature.

They are not cheap compared to the Hella 550/500, but if you compare them to the higher Hella 3000s or PIAA, they are actually cheaper and probably produce the same about of light of those higher models. I've seen the Hella 550s and these Lightforce 140 def. put more light out.

Review I saw online:

LightForce Home page:

Where I bought them:

Look for pics and full review at shortly.

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Why would you want breathers on your lights?!?


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