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Kb 2000 rear axle health

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Hi guys,
I have some questions regarding rear axle health assessment, on a 2WD 2000 Kb(TFR54H00).
I just bought one (first Isuzu, yay) , and would like to know a few things:
What are the critical points to check (on a rear axle) ?
What is repairable?
What isn't?
Are 2WD and 4WD (rear axle) (gear ratio aside) compatible?

Any input on this topic would be greatly appreciated !
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OK, so, the propeller shaft has some play at the differential level.
Can I take the diff out whithout taking out the wheels axle shaft?

I don't see why not but figured I'd ask just in case.. goal would be to change the bearings and seal on that end..
You have to pull the axles out several inches.
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