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Joe_Black said:
Hello all! Just registered after discovering this forum. Currently a VehiCROSS owner but have enjoyed the following Troopers for 150K+ miles each: '88 LS, '95 Limited and '93 RS. First Isuzu was an '84 Impulse though! ;-) Didn't get into the Trooper world until '93 when I picked up the LS and started weaning myself off sports cars. In any case, I'm always on the look out for good trails in Florida or the Southeast, so if you know any or just want to see a VX dirty drop me a note!

Welcome! You have way more Isuzu's than I had. Started with an 88 Lowered Pup when I lived in FL, then the 01 Trooper, then the 89 RS Trooper. My short list. We will see what's next if that Thiland "Trooper" come to the states.

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