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Just a word of warning, DO NOT buy a Gen 2 Trooper with an automatic. The GM 4L30E transmission used in V6 Troopers is not heavy-duty enough for the weight and power of the vehicle. Lots of trouble with that transmission and quite expensive to replace. Just take a look at Craigslist or other ad sites and see how many Gen 2 Troopers there are for sale cheap. Most of them are ones with bad automatic transmissions.

Now, if you were to find a Trooper that just had the transmission rebuilt, and had a good transferrable warranty on the trans, maybe ok. But you're just tossing the dice if buying one that has the original, untouched automatic.

If you can find a 5-speed manual, they're a great rig. As Buster was saying, watch out for early 3.5's as they can be oil-burners due to poor piston design and lack of EGR maintenance. Later models with upgraded piston design have a screw-in-type PCV valve; older ones do not.
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