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Is there interest in Planet Isuzoo Fantasy Football again?

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Kind of a tradition. Of course, the tradition goes on that I get a terrible draft and lose every other game, but still, it's fun while there's hope. How about a show of hands and we'll set it up. Is Sportsline still doing it? Or is there another free one we should use?
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hey Bill...long time no see. Hows the wife? You going to be 4 wheeling again anytime soon?

I'm game again..I hear CBS sportsline is pay only, that we're stuck with Yahoo
Hey Joe!
Nope, no 4 wheeling in a long time. Don't know when we'll get back into that, too much going on. How's everyone on your end? Still got the Sami?

Yahoo sounds good to me. Let's get a few more and we'll get it started up, or you can go ahead, whatever you want.

Good to hear from you, I think this is the first August we haven't gone out to sweat off a few pounds in TX in a long while. :D
Maybe we'll just start a public league and if anyone is interested, join asap before it fills up? What do you think Joe?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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