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I am a new member here on PlanetIsuzoo. This is an introduction/ask question post. I am from the States but have recently moved to Grenada to live for the next 1.5 years (small island off the coast of Venezuela, the US fought here in the 80s during the Cold War..random I know.) I always wanted a first gen Trooper and I found one for relatively cheap (cheapish for an island car anyhow) a month ago.

The car:
- manual
- 4ze1 WITH a carb conversion? I know in the States, the 4zd1 was carbed and the 4ze1 was FI. I can't imagine someone doing a carb conversion for the heck of it here though, haha.

For the past month, I've been fixing it up and taking it easy. And it's been running smoothly until Friday. I parked the car, jumped in 20 minutes later and it wouldn't start. It can crank, but it never catches. I had to roll/pop the clutch to get it running everytime. And when it did run, it was severely low on power.

- The previous owner, also from the States, didn't know too much about cars, but said he dumped a ton of money into "rebuilding" the engine. He said a new crankshaft (really?) was put in and a headgasket job was done here on the island. Grenada is a beautiful country, but I can't imagine getting proper machine work done. I don't see tale-tells signs i.e. burning coolant or oil in the cooling system and I can't verify the compression.
- Temperature gauge doesn't work so I don't know if it overheated. I've been trying to order one, but if you an imagine it takes a while for this to get down here.
- Lots of quirky things done to this car, so I don't know exactly what's stock. I'm from the South, but Caribbean people have taken ******* engineering to new territory.

I've rebuilt engines before (I have a VW Rabbit project and a Nissan 240SX waiting for me back at home), so I'm crossing my fingers that this is some quirky Isuzu thing. Also, does anyone have a copy of the FSM? I've attached a pic, I'll get better ones when it runs right again!

Thanks for any input and cheers,



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