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With the new member asking about buying a Rodeo, I had to ask about the interior.

Am I the only one with leather? We have looked at a lot of Rodeos & Troopers but haven't seen anything but cloth.

I guess that is why I didn't want to let mine go after the wreck. I have never seen another.

Does anyone have leather? (stock)
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I actually saw a Amigo with a stock leather interior. Very rare.
When I was shopping for one it was a $1200 option. No wonder
we did not see many leather. Rodeo was probablly even more.
seen a few troppers with leather, but never a rodeo. i guess isuzu owners are too hard core for leather (more of a jeepers thing) :D
I will just take as mine is special then. :)
Actually, alot of the later model Troopers have leather and that big huge moonroof, the Trooper Limited. The Trooper Limited has to be one of the nicest SUVS around that time. These Troopers used to have a near $40,000 price tag:

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Yes, there is a leather version of the Rodeo, which my friend owns. It's a 1997 model with Sport written on the front seats, and under the speedo. No, this is not a custom job, it's stock. Pretty nice Rodeo.
Mine dosen't have anything written on them. Just plain gray leather. They are really nice, except on those cold winter mornings. It wakes you up!

Every one I "peek" in when I am out has the cloth.

I could see me driving THAT Trooper. It is really nice. :D
I have a 2002 Isuzo Rodeo with leather and love it
I've seen leather on both Troopers and Rodeos. Overall, they're just seat covers. They can be installed/removed.

I know I've seen 2 sets on ebay for Troopers over the last year or two, not sure about Rodeos.
I'll add that Troopers with leather seats have different seat padding than those without. We have had 4 2nd gen Troopers in the family. Two LSs, one LX (limited) and an S. The S has seats that are "fine" but are definitely not as nice on a long trip as the others. The S also doesn't have front arm rests. The LS and the LX have seats that are adjustable in tilt and height of the base. The S doesn't have tilt, and it may not have a seat height adjustment either.

The leather covered seats are also much more of a bucket design. The side bolsters are larger. My LX (limtied) also has seat heaters, and I'm not sure that they were ever available on non-leather seats.

You can of course have any interior shop make and install a set of leather covers on any seat. I got a set of replacement seat covers for my Trooper off of E-Bay.

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