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Hiya all!

Unfortunately I need to replace my rear brake calipers since they failed the road worthiness test, however i CANNOT find any rear calipers for my 1989 right hand drive Isuzu MU! They have the parking brake in the calipers rather than in the drum, and apparently I have no chance of finding a rear left brake caliper :(

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I have 91 mu here in the USA. Ran into the same problem of attempting to source parts

I have a set of brand new OEM left and right Isuzu brake calipers, Genuine parts NOS still in wrappings.
I found them on ebay from the UK. (not going to sell them sorry, I have two sources for you.
2018-02-14 20.35.31 (Small).jpg

2018-02-14 20.35.25 (Small).jpg

2018-02-14 20.34.51 (Small).jpg

Part nos, 8-97066603 and 8-97066602.

Later I found an official isuzu parts dealer

Isuzu Part No: 8970666030
Isuzu Part No: 8-97066603-0
Part Name: CALIPER ASM ... u-ubs.html

Isuzu Part No: 8970666020
Isuzu Part No: 8-97066602-0
Part Name: CALIPER ASM ... u-ubs.html

looking for a set of used or rebuilt calipers reach out to Steve Sinton
Isuzu Parts Specialist Ltd
9 Lorien Place
East Tamaki
Auckland 2013
Ph (09) 274 1249
Email [email protected]

Tell him Daniel from the US referred you

He is a stand up guy and has shipped me parts to the US.

Let me know if this is not what you need, I have all the official repair manuals and parts # lists too.


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just found the interchange info

Part Number(s):8-997066-603-0
ProductName:Brake Caliper
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
ERA Benelux BC52177
ELSTOCK 87-0949-004
CARDON 382889
DELPHI LC2109 Brake Caliper DELPHI LC2109 Array Direct Details»
ERA Benelux BC52177 Brake Caliper ERA Benelux BC52177 Array Indirect Details»
ELSTOCK 87-0949-004 Brake Caliper ELSTOCK 87-0949-004 Array Indirect Details»
NIPPARTS J3229003 Brake Caliper NIPPARTS J3229003 Array Indirect Details»
CARDONE 19G7329 Brake Caliper CARDONE 19G7329 Array Indirect Details»
CARDONE 382889 Brake Caliper CARDONE 382889 Array Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING 1275R Brake Caliper Brake ENGINEERING 1275R Array Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING CA1275R Brake Caliper Brake ENGINEERING CA1275R Array Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING CA1279R Brake Caliper Brake ENGINEERING CA1279R Array Indirect Details»
UBD 52267 Brake Caliper UBD 52267 Array Indirect Details»
KAWE 342177 Brake Caliper KAWE 342177 Array Indirect Details»
sbs 1301211434 Brake Caliper sbs 1301211434 Array Indirect Details»
DA SILVA ET1059 Brake Caliper DA SILVA ET1059 Array Indirect Details»
BLUE PRINT ADZ94504 Brake Caliper BLUE PRINT ADZ94504 Array Indirect Details»
BLUE PRINT ADZ94507 Brake Caliper BLUE PRINT ADZ94507 Array Indirect Details»
DRI 42.9940.0010 Brake Caliper DRI 42.9940.0010 Array Indirect Details»
amk TCA1488 Brake Caliper amk TCA1488 Array Indirect Details»
DELCO REMY DC72177 Brake Caliper DELCO REMY DC72177 Array Indirect Details»
NK 211434 Brake Caliper NK 211434 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8170 342177 Brake Caliper TRISCAN 8170 342177 Array Indirect Details»
BUDWEG 342177 Brake Caliper BUDWEG 342177 Array Indirect Details»
BENDIX 692889B Brake Caliper BENDIX 692889B Array Indirect Details»
ISUZU 8-97066-603-0 Brake Caliper ISUZU 8-97066-603-0 Array Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QBS2112 Brake Caliper QUINTON HAZELL QBS2112 Array Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL RXF2676 Brake Caliper QUINTON HAZELL RXF2676 Array Indirect Details»
UNIPART GBC5181E Brake Caliper UNIPART GBC5181E Array Indirect Details»
FRIESEN QBS2112 Brake Caliper FRIESEN QBS2112 Array Indirect Details»

Application of ISUZU 8-997066-603-0
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
ISUZU BIGHORN 2.8 TD (UBS55) 2772 71 4 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 1987-1991
ISUZU BIGHORN 2.8 TD (UBS55) 2772 78 4 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 1988-1991
ISUZU BIGHORN 2.6 i (UBS17) 2559 85 4 Open Off-Road Vehicle 1987-1991
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