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IAC valve location?

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Can someone tell me EXACTLY where the IAC is located on an '88 Trooper 2.6 I-Tech? Supposedly it has to be unplugged to set the minimum idle, and I can't find it anywhere where I think it SHOULD be. My idle troubles continue, and until I'm sure I've got all the vacuum lines routed correctly, and everthing set, I can't start replacing sensors and switches. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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The IAC is under the intake manifold. It is somewhat rounded, and has a long triangular 'tail' section. That the end of the tail is the electrical connector. If you are looking down towards the block, on the intake side, you should just be able to see the bottom of it. As for removing it, i'm not sure, but it would probably be easiest through the wheel well, with the tire off.

Thanks for the help. There are so many switches, valves, and vacuum line, it's a nightmare trying to get this thing to idle cold, and not idle too high when warm. Guess I'll keep tinkering...

Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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