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Firing order is 123456
head torque is 40 ft lbs plus a 1/4 turn
main bearings 70 ft lbs
rod caps 39 ft lbs
Parts are relatively inexpensive anywhere as it's a GM engine. I often check as a comparison, then either order there or buy locally.
Valves are hydraulic and adjustable. Bring the cylinder up to top dead center, loosen the rocker and slowly tighten it while rotating the push rod. When the pushrod no longer easily rotates you've removed the lash, then tighten an additional one to one and a half turns to center the push rod in the lifters travel.
Have to wonder what problems you are having? If you in fact rebuild this engine there is a ton of additional information you'll need / want to do it properly regarding engine machining, etc. Most will advise it's not worth it for a 2.8, go to a 3.1 or 3.4 instead before dropping a lot of money in to a 2.8.
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