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hubs where can i get em

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wheres the best place to get em yall? go with aisins, warn, superwinch? anybody got a wright up on how to change over?
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Summit Racing Products...90 Dollars to your door....Superwinch
Hit the yards or go on line and find a set of aisins.

Better unit all around.

They dont break.

Stick with Aisins if you can, they may not be as pretty but they are far stronger, better and lower profile then the others, and you can always repaint them.

You could get them from Matt at or look through the for sale sections on here or 4x4wire sometimes people are selling them, that's were I got mine, or look at the local junk yards.
I just found a set of Aisins at my local dealer for a decent price. Worth looking around for sure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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