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Howdy from San Antonio

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Howdy Y'all! I am new to Isuzus and pretty new to cars altogether. To make a long story short, I bought a rough but mostly running Rodeo for very cheap from someone who needed the money. I drove it for a while off and on; and then the head gaskets blew on it. I then decided to just start taking the engine apart and figuring everything out myself â€" I mostly like to try to repair everything that I can myself anyway (I was raised that way). In the process of doing the head gasket replacement and some other things, I found the planet on the internet and used it to help me with nearly everything I did. I am very grateful for all of the resources here and probably wouldn’t have been able to figure it all out without them. So anyway; since I’ve been a user of the resources here, I figured I should probably register and just say “Howdyâ€
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Welcome :wink:
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