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aima said:
:roll: i have isuzu elf truck but the instrument cluster broke.I bought a used instument cluster from japan. I don't know how to install it because I'm not sure about how to connect the power line. Can u help me?Reply me at [email protected].
Man... I don't even know what an Isuzu elf is! I guess the only advice that I have is the obvious: take the dask apart until you get to it. As with most clusters, the speedometer cable might be difficult, and probably has to be detached before the cluster will come out.


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Must have snuck in under the radar screen, who knew:

I'm thinking this is the same type of application as the North American ISUZU NPR class of commercial truck.

I drive a '95 NPR with the 3.9 turbodiesel in my current part-time job. Totally worn out and sucks to drive.

The cluster is pretty standard but as for what's behind it...................Service manuals for this truck 'should be' available at

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