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how do you get naquadria

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its simple, as long as you have rca cable outputs in your deck. just run those from thew deck to the amp, and fin the remote cable that runs from probably your ignition source to your deck and run that from your deck to your amp as well.
Howdy. I would seriously take this to a professional. I have a very good friend of mine who does this professionally and who is a mobile electronic certified professional. Anyway, you can do damage by cutting and splicing and even cause a fire in your ride. If you don't know what Ohms law is and how to do the math and figure out what size cable you need and how to do crossovers and calculate impedence and voltage drop and so forth, I wouldn't take this job on. You'll end up with a cleaner, safer and better sounding system by letting the pros do this. And by pros I don't mean best buy or circuit city, but someone with some audio design experience. If you do take this job on yourself, just remember not to touch the YELLOW wires, as this is the color of wires that control your air bags.

I went to the local stereo installation shop and had them to install an amp kit with an RCA hi/low converter. If your deck does not have RCA jacks in the rear, then you must use a converter which splices into the speaker wires to give you an RCA connection out. Then you run the RCA cables from the converter to your amp. The amp kit contains the RCA cables but the RCA converter in seperate. With the installation of the amp kit, all you have to do is hook up the amp and sub to wires supplied by the amp kit and you are good to go. Amp kits should cost anywhere from $20.00 - $100.00 depending on what you want. Installation of the kit should range from $25.00 - 50.00. RCA converters usually run around 25.00. A good installer will supply the parts and install all for about $150.00. Saves a bunch of work....
It's really not that hard to do. I have done it many times. I guess if you have NO knowledge then you are much better off going to the Pros, cause if you screw something up,, you will wish you spent the $100, give or take, cause I am sure if you screw up your electrical system, it will cost MUCH,, MUCH more to have that worked on. Good luck.

Just use your voltmeter to determine which wire is hot all the time, and which is hot only with the key on. Wire accordingly and the rest should be easy. Speaker wires, amp should be rca, etc.
If I were doing it I would find out two things about the cd player first.

Do you have RCA outputs.

Do you have a remote turn on.

If the player has these and you have any kind of skills it will take longer to run the wires under the carpet than anythng else.

btw I have a 12" 300 watt sub in my rodeo and it is plenty for the space.
I had a professional look the interior over and tell me what sub,amp and box would sound best in it

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This install is really quite simple.
Get RCA line converter, hook it up to the rear speakers.
This will give you your RCA output to the amp.
With a test light, check which wire you can tap into for
a remote turn-on lead for your amp behind the CD player.
Splice into that and run it to the back.
Depending on the size of your AMP get either 8 AWG or 4AWG
power wire and run it with a fuse which is = to that of your
amp. if the amp draws 30-40 amps use 8awg, anything over imo you should use 4awg.
Hide the power and remote turn-on wire under the carpet, running along the passenger side.
Figure out where to mount the amp and run a ground preferably less than
a foot in length of equal gauge wire as the power.

This really isn't all that hard.
Maybe I'll do a writeup if I ever get around to installing a sub+amp in the truck.

Also: Sub box design depends heavily on what type of music you listen to, as well as what sub/amp combo you are planning to run.
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to put my $.02 in-i'm installing 2 12's as soon as they come in. i'm going with running the power cable to the battery thru the firewall. never done this before but doesn't seem too hard. if you go to they have some great writeups and videos on how to do it. but i guess if you have no logical thinking at all, take it to someone that does or find your a/v buddy. btw, can anyone help me on what to do with the remote turn on? like what do i plug it in?
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