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Well, this is a fun toy, my fiancée bought for $500 and it should run for a few years. It's a 1986 scooter, 4 strokes

# Dual-Shock Bottom Link front suspension
# Displacement: 80cc
# Cylinder: Single
# Type: 4-stroke

Summer is here and I want to get it going again.

I got a new spark plug, brakes, cleaned the carb and it starts just fine. Maybe is the "rocket fuel" I dumped on the tank to make sure it worked.

However, it has this weird click, clack, sound on the back rim. As if there is something loose or something banging inside.

I have no clue what this may be, I will take it apart as much as I can tomorrow to find out what the heck that sound may be.

If you guys have a clue, please pass the 411....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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