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Hi I am Joe Chircop from a small island MALTA

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I own an Isuzu Trooper XS YOM 1992 Long weelbase.
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sounds cool, post some pictures so we can see your ride!
Well, I guess today I learned that you guys drive on the left hand side of the road in Malta! Neat RHD Trooper. Some others might know: did Isuzu ship 92+ Troopers with those older steelies in some countries or were they swapped on?

Welcome to the Planet!
They were shipped with those steelies outside the US, yea you could still get a 15" rim.

Also, super neat Trooper as it is a 2nd gen XS trim which never made it to the states. Looks like a high level early gen 2 LS or Limited from the outside with the exception of the steelies but likely has the overseas equivalent to the US base model interior
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