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I know I will get a lot of good advice from this great site, and I need a ton.
The Trooper is undervalued up here and I've picked up a few bargains. Each with its own issues.
89 Trooper 2.6 - rear axle parted ways with the truck on a trip to Terrace BC the day I had to start back to Vancouver! You were my fav.,, R.I.P.
90 Trooper, blown engine, picked up for parts. Long gone but if I'd known then that this was an easy engine swap,,, who knows.
94 Trooper LS - latest acquisition - tranny problems, wont shift past first - but the DOHC 3.2 and Limited Slip Diff were what I wanted. Hoping the tranny issues are in the TCU.
96 Trooper - another bargain because of engine noise,probably main bearing. I've been watching craigslist, looking for an engine when the 94 came up and I couldn't resist.
I thought I could swap trannys. Now I find its not that simple.
This is where I need help, make one good truck out of the 94 and 96 models. No rush.
One more thing, anyone have a good diagram of the sun roof drive unit assembly? I have the 94 workshop manual but not enough detail to figure out if its assembled right.

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