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help with lowering my pickup

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:roll: Hello everyone! I just got a 94 isuzu pickup already lowered the back using 5 inch lowering blocks but I'm having trouble with the front. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to do this?!!! Thanks![/b]
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I'm not sure how low you want to go, but by backing off the height adjusting bolts, which unload the torsion bars, you should be able to get it fairly low. The bolts are located on each side of your truck, out toward your rocker panels, approximately under where the front seats are. Just be sure to back each side off equally or you'll have one side lower (or higher) than the other. Also, whenever messing around with the IFS (independant front suspension) I strongly suggest having yor front end aligned, or at least inspected for proper camber, caster etc. Hope this helps-
I had a lowered 88 Pup(very similar to the 94) but it was only lowered 3"

Pics: ... /my_photos

Since it was only lowered 3", I used lowering blocks in the rear and a t-bar drop in front. But since you want a 5" drop, you can drop it close to 5" but you will probably never be able to get the front end aligned as I had troubles getting it aligned at 3". There use to be a few companies that made lowered spindles which then you could lower to 5"+ and still get it aligned correctly but I don't know if they are available now.

Good Luck,
Thanks for your help! I ended up lowering it 5 inches! :lol:
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