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Help! In need of '98 3.2L Engine

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Hello all,

I have a 1998 Rodeo that I need a new engine for. Unfortunately I'm having a really hard time finding one (hard to believe since I'm in LA).

This guy told me I should look into purchasing a 3.2L Chevy engine; according to him it should be an exact fit. Now I'm not much of a mechanic so my question is "will this work?" And if so, do the sensor migrate over or do they also need replacing?
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I think your friend is refering to the older Isuzus which did have GM v6 at one point. The newer Isuzus use their own engines which have nothing incommon with the GM ones that were used. Probably your best bet is to get a used engine. is probably a good bet but shiping will be an iffy. My buddy got a mirror from them used which was hundreds less than the dealer wanted. Good Luck.

Joe22- There are GM V6's & even V8's that will bolt up to your 1998+ rodeo trannys. Check this link:, This IMHO, would be more work than it's worth for a daily driver truck. You'd have to swap electrical, computer systems, cooling system, etc..etc. Keep checking the WWW & you'll find a good direct fit 3.2L DOHC. By the way, how did your engine die??

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