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Help..Brakes, Transmission or ....?

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2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS V6
Automatic Transmission

I like to know if anybody have the same problem.


While coming on to a Stop...I stepped on the brakes, the Rodeo gimme a Jerk momentum to while the brakes applied...the Gear lit changed to N, which is not true I know I'm physically still on D. I pulled the Suv over and shut off the engine re-start about 20seconds later it still gives me the same problem...and the Gear lit indication are all Off. I decided to re-start and pull over to a gas station and wait about 5 minutes and the problem went away..this the second time this happen on SUVs. Any suggestions would be appreciated..may be minor or major problem...I want to fix this before the warranty went out.

Thanks in advance!
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You have a faulty range sensor on your 4L30E tranny. It's bolted to the shift arm that sticks out the left side side of the tranny/ drivers side floor area. Really easy to remove & replace (it's like a $175 part). Per Keith- an isuzu tech on several isuzu sites, you can remove the sensor & clean the contacts. Try the dealer first- will be covered if you still have 3yr/50Kmi b/b warranty left. G/luck
Thanks for your input.

Here's an update:
Took it to the dealer they said it was a switch. They replaced cost $132.51 parts + labor + tax = total of $269.53. This is only the 2nd I don't know if this is it ..but so far so good. Isuzu said it's not covered on the power train warranty..luckily I purchased the extended warranty and cost me only $25deductible.

And here's what the invoice indicated the problem:
Replaced the switch and cleared the codes. ECM did not accept tech II at first. After checking wiring and and rechcking system cleared and all rechecks good at this time. Part# 8-96017-511-0 Description: Switch ASM: POS.

Again..thanks for the input...

I'll let you guys know if the problem still persist.
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Yep. Part# 8-96017-511-0 is the range sensor/ mode switch. Glad to hear it worked out for you!
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