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Hella's, seat covers ect. on a 99' Rodeo

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I am new to Isuzu and want to install Hella 500's or 550's (clear) on our future 99' Rodeo. I live in a rural area and will actually use them! Any options for a light bar on a 1999? What's a good aftermarket company for basic stuff like floormats, waterproof seat covers ect. that will fit a 99' Rodeo?

Thank you,

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I see you took the plunge & got the '99. Congrats. Here's a good site for general isuzu info and accessories: G/luck
I still really like my Waag Sportster. The Hella's look great on there.

Floor mats: Go to Walmart, you'll know them when you see them. More tread than my MT's and hold a lot of water, mud etc. They don't get hard, and I bought them for $5 ea on sale. Great buy and better than the high dollar ones, IMO.

Seat covers: Wet Okole makes some neoprene covers. I've only heard good things about them. Last I checked, $500/pr custom fit for the front, $500 for the rear. Could be wrong. They'll mail you some swatches too. I never got around to it, but it's still on the list.

Yep! Pick it up on Tuesday and then I have a few details to iron out at the dealer for warranty/recall stuff. The rear needs axle seals, breather kit, fluid and additive.

I checked out the Wagg Sportster and it fits the bill perfectly. I did a Google search and found it for around $250.00 on up. Any suggestions where it could be found cheaper? I thought they were under $150.00, heck it's just holding lights!

Thanks all.....
I can't remember where I got mine, but that price sounds about right. It's basically the center portion of a Waag brushguard, but without the headlight guards (read: light smashers). The full guard is pretty pricey, so this is a good bargain. The only other similar product is that one that is basically just a bent tube that sits low on the bumper, but I forget the name. It runs about $175(?). The good thing about the Waag is that it doens't have mounting brackets that hang low down like the other. You scrape less when 4 wheeling since it just mounts to the tow/tie down loops under your bumper. With the wide rubber on the guard in front, it looks a little better IMO. You can get some guards pretty cheap from JC Whitney too.
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