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Any ideas about better flowing headers/exhaust for a 3.2 amigo. Ive been looking but i dont know who is making them for the isuzu's.
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There were some headers from Bob Land, IIRC, but they may not be out any more. Pacesetter may have also? As for exhaust, some say the mufflers from Powervault are worth the money (pricey), and sound good. I don't see Isuzu listed there anymore, might shoot them an email asking about it.
I swapped mine for a generic $50 installed turbo muffler when it got bashed a little bit. The stocker was huge and the turbo stays tucked up nicely out of the way. I don't really care for it, but it doesn't sound "ricey" (if you don't mind the term) because it doesn't have a 3" fart pipe out the back. Just kind of high pitched, but livable. Supposedly the Powervault has a much deeper sound. My SC's got a Flowmaster catback, it sounds pretty good, but that's a different animal all together, although still a V6. I wouldn't expect much gain from exhaust on the 3.2L. Also, you will not get a 6 cyl to sound like a V8.
Yeah, the blower would be nice, but I don't think 50 hp or so is worth the money (IMHO), but I might be overestimating how much the kit costs. However, you might consider regearing. Kind of expensive labor-wise, and not really something to take a shot at if you don't know what you're doing (you might, I sure don't).
How about a custom exhaust? About a 2.5" pipe, maybe 2.75", build it with some mandrel bend parts. I think you can order them if your shop doesn't have access. Hard to find a shop that can do them on site. Go with that Powervault, they say it's a noticeable improvement.
Do you have an intake of some sort? I have the Injen I use sometimes (not in the Summer). It sucks engine air since I don't have a divider, but at speed when outside air is blowing in, it does make a nice difference.
Find some weight to drop. Do you need that back seat? LOL!
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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