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I got my cylinder head back from the head specialist a few days ago, had all my exhaust valves reground and reseated, since 1 and 4 came up as bad on his vacuum tester.
(explains my compression! from 1 to 4. 125 165 165 160)

Since then i've been tearing the engine apart to get the thing back on, and part of that ordeal was taking this harmonic balancer off to remove the lower timing cover.

There's barely any space in there to mount a traditional harmonic balancer puller, especially considering mine has a rodeo radiator in it + an electric fan, so i got to thinking.
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The harmonic balancer has 4 through-holes in it. Usually these guys are used to hold this sheet-metal pulley on the front, but i found that they can also work pretty well for getting the thing off, too.
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All you need 4 M6x1.0 bolts, at LEAST 30mm long. thread them into the holes around the balancer, and tighten them evenly till it pulls off the crankshaft's spindle taper.
I used one from the bottom of the timing cover (it threaded into a non captive nut) and swapped it from side to side, but worse balancers might need the combined force of 4 to pull off.

Didn't seem to hurt the crankshaft timing sprocket, either. i checked it with a straight edge and found it was still perfectly in line with the rest of the sprockets.
I think that pulley butts up against a turned shoulder, anyway.

Hope this helps someone! If any of you guys have any suggestions or concerns, please let me know in the replies!
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